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Embryonic Stem Cell Debate
cord blood research

Although the information presented on this site is focused entirely on adult stem cells harvested from the cord blood and placenta, the ICBS in no way believes that scientists should be limited from doing research on Embryonic stem cells. Cord blood research involves finding cures to diseases and research needs to proceed on all fronts and should not be limited by government.

Today, adult stem cells are able to cure over 70 different diseases. The world’s scientists have also been studying these cells for over 50 years. Cures to devastating diseases will be found during our lifetime if science is allowed to look for the answers from all sources of tissue. These sources include embryonic stem cells, placental stem cells, cord blood stem cells and all other sources.


The ICBS believes that the scientific community is responsible enough be able to conduct research on Embryonic stem cells in an ethical manner. The first start is to make available the over 400,000 embryo’s that currently are stored in cryogenic tanks across the country. With the parent’s consent, these embryo’s could be made available to researchers rather then being thrown into the garbage as what happens to them today.

It is time for the restrictions to be lifted and for cord blood research to have access to stem cells that can cure diseases that have no cure today. It is also time for embryonic researchers to support the research conducted on adult stem cells. Ahead On All Fronts!