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Cord Blood Banking - Private

The International Cord Blood Society is a strong supporter of private cord blood banking and encourages every parent that is having a child to look into this option for their family. Although the public cord blood banks are now financially viable, and you may potentially find a stem cell source through the national registries if a member of your family becomes sick, the best stem cells for your family will come from your family. It is that simple.


Research is being conducted on adult stem cells which cord blood stem cells are on many fronts and a whole new field of medicine called Regenerative Medicine is emerging. Regenerative medicine scientists are exploring new ways to take cord blood stem cells and turn these cells into other types of stem cells such as neural stem cells, nerve cells, liver and pancreas cells, skeletal muscle, fat cells, bone cells and blood vessels. If you do not save your child’s cord blood at the time of birth, you can never go back and collect these cells that are a 100% to your baby.

The ICBS does not recommend one private cord blood bank over another but will answer your questions about private banking in the “Ask a Question” section. We believe it is best that you do the research yourself.

Questions to Ask:
1. Number of Successful Transplants?
2. Accreditations?
3. How do they process the cord blood?
4. Do they save in bags or vials?
5. Financial Stability?

An additional resource that the ICBS recommend is